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Norwex celebrates milestone


The Norwex parking lot in Dauphin was packed for the company’s 20 year celebration in the community and organizers were pleased.
“Well, it definitely is a celebration of a collective achievement, from a combination of people in the community who have worked here at Norwex over the last 20 years, to consultants across the country and around the globe who have partnered with our mission of improving quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals,” said Canadian CEO Judy Letain.
“We have a very passionate Norwex family and, as a result of that, we just see our growth continuing to grow and expand. Not only in the Dauphin area, but across Canada and now in 16 countries around the globe.”
To celebrate, Norwex hosted a free barbecue lunch with entertainment, a bouncy castle, cotton candy and a free gift for the first 100 visitors.
Co-founder and Global Chief Sales Officer, Debbie Bolton was on hand to announce Letain has taken on a new position, as Global Chief Executive Officer, retaining her position of Canadian CEO, as well.
“So I’m stepping into a broader role, but my heart will always be here in Canada and making sure that our Canadian home office and our home office team here, as well as our consultants in Canada have everything they need to build a very successful business,” Letain explained, adding she will be spending some time in Canada, at the global head office in Malta and at all other countries Norwex has a presence.
The company began in Dauphin 20 years ago, Letain noted, in a few different buildings in the community. One of them is where Hodge Podge is currently, she said, as well as where Speedy Auto Glass is, before moving the current location and expanding, about eight years ago.
“So it’s really been an evolution of growth,” Letain said, noting the Dauphin office currently has around 70 full-time staff and at different times of the year, hires additional temporary staff.
“But, it’s certainly an incredible staff that we have here. The level of desire to do work that is excellent, is so hugely appreciated in their dedication to go over and above. We put a lot of pride in our work, because what we do matters and we try our best to create an environment where everyone counts.”
The company began 25 years ago, Letain explained, when founder Bjorn Nicolaisen was introduced to the little red enviro cloth.
“And the rest of the story played out from there, as this became something that really caught on and showed that there’s a lot of demand, as people saw the ease of using environmentally friendly products to take care of their homes, to take care of their families,” she said.
“It’s a really empowering message, because that is one area you do have control over. And as a business, our passion has always been about putting people before profits. And as we put people first and we build people, the rest follows. And we certainly have seen that with the incredible success that we’ve experienced over the last 20 years here from Dauphin.”

M. A. Nyquist