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Takin' it to the streets . . .


The 20th edition of the Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce Street Fair and Dance is in the books and executive director Stephen Chychota could not be more pleased with the result.
“A great day. Start to finish, it has worked out really well. We got the vendors in, the food was in, the kids were having fun. You couldn’t have asked for a much better day,” he said.
Chychota said organizers strive to improve the fair each year and this year’s changes were all positive.
“I think in the past couple of years we have found a model that really works with the area we have to deal with. And then it is just tweaking things here and there, making sure that the operations are a little bit tighter. But also adding more vendors and giving people more access to more stuff. Adding a little bit more food and getting more merchants out there,” he said.
“I think we are nailing it.”
That winning formula, Chychota said, is why the Street Fair has enjoyed such longevity. When he came on the scene five years ago, Chychota simply had to pick up the street fair playbook and keep the event, “rocking and rolling.”
“It is such a fun experience and such an honour to have one of the iconic parties of Dauphin and I get to run it with the great group that we have got at the chamber and keep it going,” Chychota said.
“It is not just myself, it is not just the board of the chamber, it is the whole community that gets behind this. There is just a lot of things that we are so fortunate to have access to, some community partners, businesses, local guys that are just willing to help and make sure that street fair happens. So it all happens easier, because of the people backing us on this.”
After wrapping things up from an operational and administrative perspective, this year’s street fair will be evaluated around the chamber board table and planning will begin for next year.
With 2020 being Manitoba’s 150th birthday, Chychota said fans of the fair can expect some added excitement.
“We have to do Manitoba proud and make sure that we bring something even bigger and better next year. We will probably operate around that theme, that would be an easy one to do,” he said.
“There is some things that we have unfortunately not been able to access, but would really like to bring to the street fair, such as some more entertainment and some more inflatable things let’s say. Some fun stuff for kids of all ages from five to 99. However, old you are, you can have some fun. But who knows what we will cook up for next year and what comes out of the woodwork for that theme. I am really excited to see what we can bring next year.”