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Library adds special work station


Dauphin Public Library (DPL) is on the trail to make Dauphin an active transport community, by installing a bike repair station.
Director Alison Moss explained the project gained speed in the community, because there is already a lot of interest in active transportation.
“We’ve seen great developments in bike lanes and trails and this was just a way that we could contribute to that positive community growth around it,” she said.
The bike repair station at the front of the library has a number of tools required for fixing bicycles, Moss noted, plus an air pump station.
“There’s a rubber, padded support to put your bike up on the stand and attached public access tools, including a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a pedal wrench, a multi tool, a torque wrench, an adjustable wrench and then tire levers,” she said.
While pondering the project, Moss said, information about bike repair stations kept cropping up on different media sources across Canada and United States.
“And then, of course, when I was joining the library system, I noticed that they were really becoming a feature of public libraries across the country,” she added.
“I noticed this spring that Winnipeg was really looking at how they could install bike repair stations at eight public libraries. So it really got the wheels turning and it became a reality quite quickly for us in Dauphin, because of the partnerships that we have.”
DPL was secured a grant through Healthy Together Now and Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal, Moss noted, plus the City of Dauphin installed the bike repair station and Mike’s Yard Works landscaped the area.
Truly a local project, Moss discovered that Rack Works of Winnipeg manufactures bike repair stations which are unique in design, as they do not require ongoing service calls.
“They were able to get it shipped out to us through Dawson Logistics, so we could install it. And if we have any trouble, we have spare parts that we can actually fix ourselves,” she said.
“Hopefully not in the near future, but in time that’s supposed to be one of the benefits of it.”
With the work Mike’s Yard Works did, Moss is now contemplating a reconfiguration of the space in front of the library, by creating a pocket park.
“We know that libraries are great gathering spaces and community hubs and this bike repair station just is a bit of a first step at how we can create an outdoor gathering space,” she said.
Removal of the tired shrubbery in front of DPL has inspired Moss to pursue funding for a couple of commercial round picnic tables and installing planters from Dauphin Economic Development and Tourism.
“It’s a great space that we’ll be able to really continue to develop into the years to come,” she said.
The bike repair station from Rack Works cost $1,499, which Moss feels is affordable and could be a considered a trial for potentially other bike repair station sites in the community.
DPL will kick off Dauphin’s first bike repair station with an informal workshop by Brenon Durston of Prairie Cycleworks, though a date has not yet been determined.
“I want to get people excited about it and know that it is here. So, for books and tools, come to the library,” she said.

M. A. Nyquist