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Michaleski headed back to Legislature


Manitobans have granted Brian Pallister and his Conservative government a new mandate. And when they head back to the Legislature Brad Michaleski will once again be in their ranks representing the Dauphin constituency.
The MLA will serve a second term after collecting 4,799 votes, defeating NDP candidate Darcy Scheller who with 4,022 votes and Cathy Scoffield-Singh with 674 votes.
“Our government has been going into a lot of issues and there have been difficult issues,” Michaleski said after being declared elected on election night, Sept. 10.
“And it’s great to see, basically, a reinforcement of what we’re doing as a government. We’re tackling some tough issues and for sure its great to see that Manitobans gave us back a majority for the next few years.”
Throughout his first term in government Michaleski’s focus was on economic development.
That will continue to be one of his priorities throughout the next term, he said, building on the successes of the past three years.
“We were doing the right things in terms of smart, effective fiscal management and you know we’re seeing some positive results,” Michaleski said.
“I think there’s a number of opportunities, like there always is, coming up right now. The world is changing and lots of opportunities out there in a world that’s being very disrupted by things that are going on around the world. But in that, there’s opportunities and I think I’m going to continue to support the government which is creating an environment for confidence and trust to invest in this province and in particular, this region. So I’m going to continue to do that and if we have a strong economy, you know, we end up with a strong ability to provide social programming. It’s that simple. So I think that’s really then going to be my focus.”
However, the last three years in government and the past campaign has opened Michaleski’s eyes to value people in the area place on health care. Given that, he is going to actively advocate on their behalf for more services in the Parkland.
“How many times people have to leave the region for care. I heard that loud and clear from a lot of people. So one thing I think I will try to focus on is to make sure that Dauphin and the Parkland is on the radar in terms of health care services,” he said.
“It’s very disruptive to people needing the care, the families that are needing that care. And we’ve got a great group of health care professionals in the region and there is no need for having to leave the region. So that’s probably one thing that I will advocate stronger for is more regional care.”
With the election coming at such a busy time in the area, Michaleski is humbled by the effort so many people put in on his behalf.
That kind of support speaks to the character of his supporters.
“I’ve just got to take my hat off to the supporters and the people that have helped me out, helped our party out over this last month and, in fact, the last couple of years with the association,” Michaleski said.
“I’m just so happy that we won the seat. I’m happy for them. They put a lot of effort into this, we all did. I’m happy for them all.”
As for his role in government this term, Michaleski is prepared to do whatever is asked of him. The last three years he has been active and supportive of the government and he is planning to again fill that role.
“If I get asked to do more, I will,” he said.
“I am just so happy that our party got another majority and that we’re moving forward with another strong mandate.”