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Clippers win home opener on the gridiron


The Dauphin Clippers improved their Rural Manitoba Football League record to 1-1, with a 30-18 win over the visiting Moosomin Generals, Friday in Dauphin.
The Clippers got off to a good start, scoring on their first drive of the game, giving the team some early confidence after getting shutout last week.
In the days leading up to Friday’s home opener, assistant defensive co-ordinator and special teams and conditioning coach Mick Lautt said the team focused on learning their positions.
“We spent a lot of time just calming things down, making sure people really understood the fundamentals of where they needed to be. And that really paid off,” he said.
“When we got on the field, they were in a better state of mind. We didn’t feel as frantic tonight. I think the teams were more evenly matched.”
Both teams, Lautt added, were hungry for the victory after they both lost their season openers, last week.
“And our guys just pulled together. I think a big part is that our guys were just focused,” he added.
The coaching staff was able to get all players some playing time, which is key in their development.
“We tried a few new things, but we just focused on our fundamentals, really. To make sure everybody knew what they were doing,” Lautt said.
Getting on the scoreboard early made a big difference, Lautt said, especially being on their home field.
“That helped a lot. We had our starters out first and gave us a nice strong start. And then we started rotating guys through and we saw a lot of good things from young players,” he said.
“We just kept rotating through, made sure everybody had a chance to try their positions out and (there was) a lot of good teamwork, good team support. And it just paid off. We just kept focusing, kept doing what we were training for.”
Lautt hopes the Clippers can keep the momentum going when they host the SouthWest Sabres, Friday at 4:30 p.m.
The success against Moosomin can be attributed to what the players learn in practice.
“It just shows that paying attention in practice, focusing on fundamentals, working as a team is just going to pay off. I think we just need to be consistent, make sure people stay in good shape, make sure they’re healthy and I think we’re looking forward to the rest of the season,” he said.

Doug Zywina