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Fall rugby 7s season nears its end


The short high school rugby 7s season is almost in the books for another year.
Teams gathered twice last week to put their skills to the test, Thursday in Rivers and Sunday in Dauphin.
Although the two Clippers squads had mixed results, the coaching staff was pleased with their play.
“They played good. We did alright. There were sometimes that they could have done better. But that takes practice. But we did pretty okay,” said co-coach Kailyn Ushkowski.
Ushkowski has seen more improvement in this group of girls than in all of her high school years, she said. That is resulting in the players playing with more confidence.
“The confidence is there. Their skills are still developing, but that takes time in practice,” she said.
Ushkowski is looking forward to coaching the girls in the spring 15s season.
Co-coach Rod Carberry missed the first two jamborees due to prior commitments, but he liked what he saw in Sunday’s games.
“I’m happy with what I’ve seen from the first practice to now. The girls are having a good time. They lost a couple of games, but they came off the field smiling,” he said.
“So there’s growth. And we made sure we created the environment that that’s all we expected as coaches.”
Based on what he has seen, Carberry is also looking forward to the 15s season, noting there are some great talent among the young players learning the sport.
“If we can pick up some of the 15-player vets back in the springtime and add a couple more, then we’ve got some good potential,” he said.

Doug Zywina