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RM partners to distribute radon testing kits

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  • October 15, 2019
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The Rural Municipality (RM) of Dauphin is taking action on radon by partnering with a coalition of national health organizations to distribute 100 free radon test kits next month.
Take Action on Radon is into its second year, CAO Nicole Chychota explained, with a goal to increase awareness of radon in Canada.
For example, many Canadians remain unaware the second-leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers is the radioactive gas called radon, which can be found in homes.
“They put out the call for interested municipalities to participate in this initiative and the RM of Dauphin answered that call and decided that this is something that we wanted to participate in,” Chychota said.
With the 100 Test Kit Challenge, she noted, RM staff will start a sign up list for the free radon kits, where ratepayers have a form to fill out.
“Those kits will be available to RM of Dauphin residents. And as part of this initiative, they get their kit for free, they test their home to determine whether or not they have radon present and then at the end of the campaign they will get a report that tells them the level of radon in their home and suggestions of any necessary remediation measures to fix any problem that they may have,” she added.
The RM will host an awareness event, Nov. 5, at the Dauphin Senior Centre, Chychota said, to distribute the kits.
“I’m hopeful that we can get all 100 kits distributed out to ratepayers in the area and get some feedback on what kind of radon level we have in this area,” she said, noting the RM will also will get a summary report of the rate on tests done in the area.
Radon can be found in high levels in homes across Canada. It is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas that can enter buildings and enclosed spaces undetected.
According to Take Action on Radon, Canadian homes are most often sealed against the weather, so radon can become trapped indoors, building up to dangerous levels and Health Canada estimates over 1 million Canadian homes have high radon levels.
“We’re hoping that this campaign will just make people aware of the problem, aware of the risks associated with radon and get an understanding of how simple it can be to fix this problem and protect your family,” Chychota added.
Only six per cent of Canadians have had their home tested for radon, compared to 98 per cent of Canadian households that have a smoke alarm.
To sign up for a kit, visit the RM office at River Avenue E, or by calling 204-638-4531.
For more information on radon, visit TakeActionOnRadon.ca.