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Free film for National Child Day


To celebrate children and mark National Child Day a little early, Dauphin Public Library (DPL), South Parkland Healthy Child Coalition and Countryfest Community Cinema have partnered to host a free movie, Nov. 16.
Parkland Regional Library director Alison Moss explained the film, Maya the Bee, is available through Kanopy.
Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and universities that offers films and documentaries and is available to all library patrons.
“I think there’s a very good opportunity to build on great community partnerships. The library has a film club, the National Film Board (NFB) Club, that we’ve been running here for some time,” she said.
“But we also have access to Kanopy, which is an online streaming site through libraries. We’ve seen our use grow over the last year, but I think there is more promoting we can do.”
Maya the Bee, Moss explained, is about a newly hatched bee who does not follow the rules of the hive.
The film came out in 2014, she noted, and is based on a German book, originally published in 1912.
“So it’s a good connect to libraries,” Moss added.
In addition to celebrating children, she said, the free film is an opportunity to highlight Kanopy and its free service, available to library patrons in the Parkland.
“We also are working with the cinema, because they have to be rated through the Manitoba film board. But that’s another layer of screening that we will do to make sure that we can do this partnership with the cinema,” Moss said.
Wendy De La Mare, with the South Parkland Healthy Child Coalition, noted the show starts at 10 a.m., Saturday morning at the cinema and children must bring a parent.
“We’re so happy to put this on for free and we can support our local cinema by buying popcorn for breakfast,” Moss laughed.
As DPL focusses on films, she said, the local library will also run some Kanopy films in-house and staff are currently surveying patrons, to get a sense of what community members would like to view.
“We are just reimagining some of the services that we bring to our community and we think that Kanopy has a lot of potential,” Moss added.
“And we’ve had fairly good attendance at the National Film Board Club that we have been running in the last couple of years, but we just thought we’d give this a whirl and see what the interest is, in terms of what’s offered through Kanopy. There’s lots of different material on there that will appeal to a wide range of viewers and library patrons. And again, it’s free, all you have to have is a library membership and access to the internet.”
The next NFB Club film for Dec. 3 is Vanishing Point, Moss noted, which is a feature documentary about two Inuit communities, on Canada’s Baffin Island and in northwest Greenland that are linked by a migration led by a shaman.
South Parkland Healthy Child Coalition is busy, as well, De La Mare said, pointing out new large foam blocks have arrived at the playroom at Parkland Crossing. The room is free for everyone to use, she said, by calling Jamie Harvey or Lisa Morley at 204-638-3333.
South Parkland Healthy Child Coalition is hosting Food and Fun free programming for families with young children, Nov. 21 and 28, Dec. 12 and 19, at Parkland Crossing. To register, call 204-648-5523.