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City passes interim budget


Dauphin city council provided some numbers to guide city operations in the new year until a more permanent financial plan can be developed.
The provisional estimates for operating and capital expenditures total $3,969,949 and will provide a framework until the anticipated date of the financial plan public hearing, sometime in March.
Included in the total, under general operating requirements is $538,435 for General Government Services, as well as $1,198,403 for Protective Services and $744,903 for Transportation. Environmental Services has been allocated $389,802 while $14,062 has been determined enough to cover Public Health and Welfare Services and $67,453 has been budgeted for Environmental Development Services. Finally, Economic Development Services have been budgeted at $272,875 while $744,016 has been earmarked for Recreation and Cultural Services.
General Capital requirements total $575,000 to be borne by reserves.
On the Utility side of the ledger, $974,244 has been budgeted for operating requirements while Utility capital expenditures of $2.2 million will be borne by $1.1 million each from operating funds and reserves.