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Bighill brings Grey Cup celebration to Dauphin


Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans had their chance to get up close and personal with the Grey Cup and meet Bomber linebacker Adam Bighill, Friday, as part of the Manitoba Grey Cup Tour, presented by Princess Auto.
Bighill and the Grey Cup were on hand at Credit Union Place along with Bomber mascots Buzz and Boomer, both of whom have a connection to Dauphin.
Boomer is James Deighton, who was born raised in Dauphin. He has been portraying Boomer for 32 years and the 2019 Grey Cup is his third CFL title with the team.
Buzz is portrayed by Karen Koutroubis, who was also born and raised in Dauphin. She has been portraying Buzz for 11 years and she is the first female mascot to win the Grey Cup.
For Bighill, being able to share the team’s Grey Cup win with fans outside of Winnipeg is special.
“It means everything, especially because it’s been so long. With it being 29 years, everyone has waited. There are generations who have never seen the Grey Cup,” he said.
“So being able to come around and finally let people take a big sigh of relief that we were able to bring it back to Manitoba. There’s so many great fans across this entire province, that we’re all champions. It’s only right that we take it around to all of rural Manitoba and share it with them.”
Bighill is aware there are a number of fans from rural Manitoba who are Bomber season ticket holders and make the 3-1/2 hour or longer drive to Winnipeg for home games.
“So you can definitely feel the support. But there’s nothing like going to the communities and seeing it in person,” he said.
“Everyone has been so thankful, especially for us to be able to bring the Grey Cup. It’s special. So many people have never been able to see it, touch it and being able to make that moment a reality for people is extremely satisfying.”
This was Bighill’s first trip to Dauphin and he was impressed with the area.
“It’s beautiful out here. I’ve never seen Riding Mountain before, I thought that was really neat as we drove up near town. It seems like a great place to enjoy the outdoors,” he said.
Tours such as this serves as inspiration to win it all again next year.
“You only play this game for one reason and that’s to win championships. That’s our expectation and I think that’s the fans expectation every single year,” he said.
“So from that standpoint, we’re still going to go about our business with what we want to do. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to try to celebrate with everybody again.”
Celebrating the Grey Cup win on the field with his teammates was a memorable moment for the two-time Grey Cup champion.
“But now, it’s really just all the interaction with the fans and how happy they are,” he said.

Doug Zywina