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Host society monitoring pandemic, summer games still on


With so many events being cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of questions surrounding events that are still a few months down the road.
One such event is the 2020 Manitoba Summer Games, which is scheduled to be held in Dauphin in August.
According to host society co-chair Carla Wolfenden, the games are still on and planning continues.
“We are continuing with our planning, at this point, working on operational plans, so that we can hit the ground running,” she said.
“We are monitoring the situation and following Sport Manitoba’s lead on this. But all parties involved at this point feel that we’re too far out from the games to make a decision.”
Some events connected with the games have been cancelled, such as Athletics Manitoba’s volunteer training session, scheduled for Apr. 22, and a Manitoba Summer Games coaching seminar, planned for Apr. 24 and 25.
The host society, Wolfenden said, has a meeting planned for, Apr. 24 and 25, to provide an update on planning. The meeting’s current structure has been cancelled, but the host society hopes to host the meeting in a different format.
“That’s when all of our sub-committees were to present their operational plans to all of the Sport Manitoba officials. Sponsors were going to be in town and there was also going to be a coaching conference held in Dauphin to coincide with those meetings and that has been cancelled outright, as well,” she said.
It has been recommended to limit gatherings to fewer than 50 people, which makes scheduling meetings a challenge. However, Wolfenden noted they may use technology to conduct meetings using different software available to avoid face-to-face meetings.
“Our committees are still meeting and proceeding with plans as they stand right now,” she said.
Volunteers can still register for the games online through Sport Manitoba’s website at sportmanitoba.ca.
Wolfenden could not be happier with the planning done so far.
“We have such a strong executive and all of our committee chairs and people working with them are so strong that Sport Manitoba is very happy with how things are proceeding. They have no worries about us being able to deliver these games,” she said.

Doug Zywina