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City seeks public input on its Active Transportation Strategy at open house


The City of Dauphin hosted an Active Transportation Strategy (ATS) open house, last Thursday at Credit Union Place.
Jamie Hilland of Urban Systems, said the open house offered residents a chance to offer feedback on the ATS.
“And today we’re presenting some of the high level strategies and objectives. And we also want to have people really identify some of the gaps and barriers to walking and cycling in the city of Dauphin,” he added.
The open house ran from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., with stoppages in between to allow for cleaning. The first session was held on the ice surface of Credit Union Place, but it was moved into the cooler confines of the lower concourse for the final two sessions.
Hilland said the initial response was positive, noting people are encouraged about the ATS.
“They recognize the value and the health benefits of getting people out. They recognize that not everyone in Dauphin owns a vehicle, so that they need to have some safe way to get around town,” Hilland said.
A lot of the positivity, he added, comes from the excitement of the NorthGate Trail system, a world class mountain biking facility south of the city.
“And trying to capitalize upon that as a city for tourism dollars. And we see the Active Transportation Strategy change as being part of that,” Hilland said.
Urban Systems, Hilland explained, are transportation planners and is developing the strategy for the city.
The plan is to develop and five-to-10-year strategy that will identify some goals for the city to accomplish over that time frame.
“We’d really like to see the city capitalize upon the tourism opportunities we’re seeing, build a safer and more equitable town and a healthier community. And really people embrace that you can reduce your environmental footprint by moving around on foot or on bike,” Hilland said.
“And improve your health at the same time and make the streets safer for everybody.”
Hilland was pleased with the turnout, noting there were a lot of positive comments.
“We’re excited that folks are coming and giving us their opinion.”

Doug Zywina