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Local COVID case confirmed


A local business has confirmed COVID-19 has been found in a staff member.
Cary Fillion’s Twin Motors informed the public through a Facebook post that one of its staff members tested positive for the virus over the weekend.
“Because they were not in ‘direct contact’ as Public Health states with any of our staff during his infectious period and because we took all the safety precautions that Public Health instructed us to do, Public Health has confirmed that we have a safe work environment. Manitoba Public Health officials also confirmed the safety of our staff and our clients going forward at our store,” the post read.
The business also reiterated that the safety of its staff and the public is top priority.
“We at Cary Fillion’s Twin Motors will continue to take all safety precautions that we have done in the past. Please continue as Manitobans and people of the Parkland to continue to socially distance, wash your hands and stay happy and stay healthy.”

Staff Writer