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Future looks bright as Kings host prospects camp


The Dauphin Kings coaching staff got a look at the future this past weekend and the future is bright.
The local Manitoba Junior Hockey League squad hosted its prospects camp, with 44 players hitting the ice.
Due to COVID-19 protocols, the players were split into teams of 11, which was the maximum allowed.
Kings head coach and general manager Doug Hedley noted most of the prospects on the 50-player protected list were in camp.
“All our 2005s, our top ‘04s. A lot of good ‘02s and ‘03s. Most of the camp is part of our 50-man protected list. We have a few guys in from out of province, but for the most part, we’re very happy with the talent level and it definitely looks promising for the future,” he said.
Hedley noted that while the Kings had to give up a couple of top quality 2004 prospects in the trade to acquire defenceman Colby Jaquet, 16-year-olds such as Sean Williams, Braden Stevenson and Zach Turner are all top players of that class.
“They’re very good players,” he said.
The 2005 class, Hedley added, is probably the best group of 15 year olds the team has ever had.
“And they all look very good here,” he said.
Like the rest of the teams in the league, the main camp will begin, Sept. 18. Because teams are limited to just 34 players, Hedley expects to bring just three or four 16 year olds to the main camp.
Overall, Hedley is pleased with the talent level he saw on the ice.
“The ‘05s, ‘04s and ‘03s are all going in the right direction,” he said.

Doug Zywina