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A call to action


This week, school strike movement Fridays For Future calls for a global climate action day.
On Sept. 25, demonstrations and manifestations will take place all across the globe.
The Dauphin Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby Canada will host an outdoor Shoe Demonstration at Dauphin First United Church.
During the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced groups like CCL Dauphin to find new ways of protest like their online driveway demonstration in May, as marches have not been appropriate.
Sept. 25 will be the first global action day of the year.
The coming months and years will be crucial in ensuring a safe pathway below a 1.5C increase in global mean temperature, a target stated in the Paris Agreement. If we are to minimize the risks of triggering irreversible chain reactions beyond human control, we need to act now.
It is therefore vital that the climate crisis doesn’t get forgotten in the shadow of the coronavirus, but is regarded as a top priority.
CCL Dauphin plans to continue to build political will for a livable future, by bringing attention to this issue through the Shoe Demonstration. We will, of course, take the hygienic measures required to safety for all participants.
“The pandemic has shown that politicians have the power to act quickly and consistent with the best available science. We see that not even in the middle of a pandemic is the climate crisis on hold, with wildfire smoke from California reaching my brother and his family near Vancouver,” said Virginia Cail, co-chair of CCL Dauphin.
“More measures must be taken to lower worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in a sustainable and just manner.”
Co-chair Rebecca van Otterloo added that last September in Dauphin, the global climate march drew almost 50 people.
“So we aim to set out at least 50 pairs of shoes to show how many people would otherwise have been present if not for a pandemic,” she said.
Shoes will be on display between 8:30 a.m and 6:30 p.m. and are a visual symbol of people being displaced by climate change, of our carbon footprint, and of the need for us to walk gently with each other on this earth.
For more information, visit www.fridaysforfuture.org, or contact CCL Dauphin at dauphinclimateaction@gmail.com.

Staff Writer