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Local manufacturer teams up with iconic brand


Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co., is looking to capitalize on the cycling boom caused by the coronavirus pandemic with the introduction of Serial 1 Cycle, a company which will produce electric bicycles beginning next year.
The name, Serial 1, is in reference to Serial Number One, the nickname for the first motorcycle ever built by the company.
Production of the new ebikes is expected to begin in early 2021 and a local company will have a role in supplying parts for the new mode of transportation.
Ritz Machine Works in Dauphin is part of the supply chain for the new ebikes.
“So it’s kind of a neat spin on things,” said CEO Rick Ilnisky.
Ritz has been in business for about 20 years, Ilnisky said, and has made an international name for itself in the industry.
“That we can supply the technically difficult tube bending to our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers. We specialize in stuff that is different. Large bending, tight-radius spinning. Something that is technically challenging and that is not very common in the tube bending industry,” he added.
“So we pride ourselves on having that niche product that our customers look for at times.”
COO Tom Zaporzan said production will start in 2021.
“They’ve had a lot of prototypes out there, prototypes that went out for sale for testing and stuff like that,” he said.
Ritz will be producing part of the cooling package for the electronics for the motor.
Ritz will ship its parts to the manufacturer, located in Milwaukee, Wis. Ilnisky explained customers in California put together the drive chain components and the final assembly is in Milwaukee.
The deal positions Ritz as a supplier of unique products to OEM customers, Ilnisky said.
“Once we are able to supply a difficult part, other parts in the family come to us. So it just creates a long-term relationship with a large customer. And then it, of course, solidifies the work we have here in jobs and that sort of thing,” he said.
Zaporzan said about 30,000 ebikes a year will be manufactured.

Doug Zywina