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Prairie Mountain Health hosts virtual AGM


While most years have been a challenge for Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) with human resource shortages, increasing costs and changes in the delivery of health care, 2019-20 proved particularly challenging as the health region and its board had to deal with a pandemic caused by Covid -19.
That was part of the message shared, Oct. 21, at PMH’s virtual annual general meeting.
The meeting was brought to order by board chair Lee Jebb, who began with a land acknowledgement.
Jebb noted the virtual meeting was a first for PMH and not such a bad thing.
“I think it makes the process more accessible to a larger cross section of the citizens of Prairie Mountain Health,” he said.
He noted the region is geographically about the size of Nova Scotia and many residents don’t have the mobility, time or means to attend in person.

The full story can be found in this week's Dauphin Herald.