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Dauphin Curling Club calls it quits for the season


The curling season in Dauphin is at an end.
The Dauphin Curling Club (DCC) has officially cancelled the remainder of the season, including bonspiels.
According to DCC president Morgan Kropelnicki, the decision was made when the province extended its Code Red restrictions into February.
“There’s not going to be much curling season left for us even if they did reduce the restrictions and allow us to play,” she said.
The DCC held a meeting with the presidents of the various leagues and decided to cancel the season and refund money to members.
“And just be hopeful for a 2021 fall season,” Kropelnicki added.
“Safety is our top of mind, so we just want to ensure that everyone is safe. So we decided to cancel the season and be hopeful for one in the fall.”
With that decision made, Dauphin Recreation Services (DRS) staff pulled the ice out last week.
The leagues involved include the Kilty Curling Club, Farmer’s League, Men’s League, Legion League and the Bayer Crop Science Parkland Super League of Curling.
Some leagues, such as the Kilty and men’s leagues, were able to hit the ice for a few weeks in October and November.
“We did get a little bit of curling and I’m thankful for that. It was different, but at least we still got on the ice,” Kropelnicki said.
Curlers suffering from withdrawal can get their fix in on the two sheets of ice DRS staff made in Vermillion Park. It may not be what they are used to, but curlers can still throw some rocks around.
“I’ve been there and I’ve seen lots of fun photos. The rocks are actually quite awesome. It’s been great,” Kropelnicki said.
“And to get other people’s curling fix, I think we should all just be watching the bubble on TV in February.”

Doug Zywina