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Winter weather overall a boon for Public Works


Taken as a whole, and the recent cold snap aside, Dauphin has experienced a decent winter to this point.
And those mild temperatures has meant a relatively easy winter for City of Dauphin Public Works operations.
In a typical winter, public works crews are tasked with fixing around eight to 10 water main breaks due to cold weather, which normally occur from mid-January to the end of March when frost reaches the pipes, at about eight feet below ground level.
Currently crews are seeing the frost down around five to six feet below ground level.
“From the general perspective we have not had many this year, but the cold weather definitely does force the frost into the ground deeper and there is more chance of water main breaks,” city manager Sharla Griffiths said, adding this winter there have been three breaks, two before Christmas and one last week.
But water main repairs are not the only area where city operations have seen a slowdown this winter, Griffiths said.
“There has not been significant amounts of snow either, so there has not been copious quantities of snow that we have had to remove repeatedly,” she said.
And things look to remain positive in the short term. As the recent cold snap subsides, the long range forecast is calling for normal to above normal temperatures until at least the end of the month, with little in the way of precipitation forecast.