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Ag Days Gives Back to two area daycares


Manitoba Ag Days may have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic, but organizers still found a way to give back through its Ag Days Gives Back program.
And two local daycares have benefitted because of it.
New Beginnings Daycare in Ochre River and Charlie Brown Daycare Centre in Ste. Rose each received a $1,000 donation.
The $1,000 donation to the New Beginnings Daycare will go towards the purchase of an outdoor play structure and toys.
Director Terri Lamy said the daycare has only been open for about a year-and-a-half and they hope to purchase a neighbouring property.
“So we can have our own playground,” she added.
“We purchased a few items that we are able to use right now on the school grounds that we have.”
The daycare has already hosted a number of fund-raisers. At this point, there is no target goal of how much they need to raise.
“Once we are able to purchase the property and we know that for sure we’re going to get the property, then we’ll go from there and start developing it,” Lamy said.
The daycare has been a success, with a high number of children attending the facility.
Anyone wishing to make a donation can contact the centre.
The donation to the Charlie Brown Daycare Center in Ste. Rose will be used to help build an attached addition to their centre to be used as a gym.
Management team member Joy Bodnar of the daycare said they have been fund-raising for about the last three years and the donation from Manitoba Ag Days will help towards that goal, noting they are already getting some supplies for the project.
To date, about $25,000 has been raised.
In the past, organizations hosted fund-raising raffles, as well as a couple of cash calendars.
“This year, the board plans to do a few more cash calendars, as well as one larger draw. We just haven’t worked out the complete details for that yet. But sometime in the spring it looks like we’re going to be doing a larger draw with larger prizes,” Bodnar said, adding they are thankful for the opportunity to receive the grant.
“Any little bit definitely helps us and it kind of motivates us to continue going with our dream. With it being so cold lately, it’s definitely been something that we’ll need down the road and will appreciate,” she said.
“The plan is the gym will be rented out to other individuals in the community, as well, not just for the daycare.”
Manitoba Ag Days hosted an online 50-50 draw, which turned into the most successful they have ever had, with the pot growing to $35,560. The winner was Dauphin’s Oksana Iwanchysko, who won $17,780.
Through its Giving Back program, Manitoba Ag Days has donated $28,000 to youth education.
Agriculture in the Classroom - Manitoba received $10,000 to create a virtual Manitoba Ag Days Adventure, while $3,000 was donated to the organization’s three scholarships - ACC Diploma Scholarship, University of Manitoba’s Diploma Scholarship and University of Manitoba’s Degree Scholarship.

Doug Zywina