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Golf courses not allowed to sell liquor


Golf courses across Manitoba will not be allowed to sell liquor at their facilities.
According to the new Public Health guidelines, businesses with liquor service licences are restricted to selling liquor only to those who are seated at tables and have ordered a meal.
Dauphin Lake Golf Course (DLGC) general manager Ray Karlson said DLGC will be adversely affected by this restriction.
“Lots of times we struggle to find somebody to run our restaurant, because we lease ours out. And one of the attractions for running our restaurant is partly liquor sales,” he said.
“Of course, we have food and snacks and treats. But there’s a fairly high profitability to selling liquor out here. And anybody who takes on the lease, obviously, works that into the equation.”
Karlson noted they were able to sell liquor throughout the pandemic last year.
“With no difficulty. No infections. No nothing. So I don’t know what information they are working on to come to a conclusion that liquor sales shouldn’t happen on golf courses,” he said.
DLGC has just purchased a new APP called 918, which is a GPS activated APP that allows DLGC staff to find golfers anywhere on the course.
“And bring you, maybe liquor. Maybe pepsi. Maybe sandwiches, salad, whatever you want out there. It’s disappointing, because we did so well at controlling COVID for an entire golf season last year,” Karlson said.
With the new restrictions comes concerns that golfers might bring their own liquor.
“God forbid we have to stop everybody and check their bags and check everything. Our liquor licence doesn’t allow for that and it could affect us adversely that way,” Karlson said.
DLGC is planning to open for the season, Wednesday.
The new restrictions are in place until 12:01 a.m., April 16, so Gilbert Plains Country Club general manager Scott McCallum is taking a wait and see approach.
“I think that people are probably getting a little ahead of themselves. I don’t know whether it will have a huge impact on us. Certainly, if this went on into May, it’s definitely going to have an impact on the golf course. But I like to think that when the new restrictions come out in mid-April, they’ll change things and allow it,” he said.
“I’m hoping it’s shortlived.”
GPCC’s driving range opened, Sunday, and McCallum hopes to open the course within the next couple of weeks.

Doug Zywina