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Young hero saves mother’s life with 911 call


A local family recently found out the hard way how important it is to teach young children how to call 911.
Jenine Berezowski had dental surgery, Mar. 23. Two days later, she discovered she was allergic to the medications she was prescribed, when she suddenly could not breathe and felt nauseated.
Her six-year-old daughter Jaycee saw her mother was in distress. That was when a lesson her mother taught her kicked in.
“When Jaycee was four, we moved into our first home and I taught her how to call 911 from my locked phone,” Berezowski said.
After Jenine lost consciousness, Jaycee quickly and calmly grabbed her mother’s cell phone, unlocked it and called 911, telling the responder how to get to the house.
“We were in the country, so she had to go outside and she was reading the signs and ended up getting them to the house. So she essentially saved my life, because she got the paramedics right to me,” Berezowski said.
Berezowski finally recovered from her ordeal on Good Friday.
“It was a rough go. It was not fun,” she said.
Jaycee has been the recipient of a lot of praise from everyone who knows the story. Her mother bought her a doctor doll and Jaycee also received a small stuffed bear and a note from the paramedics thanking her for helping them.
“Everybody just couldn’t believe how amazing she was. Even the paramedics said when they came, she was right along side them helping them out, passing them stuff and rubbing my back,” Berezowski said.
“We have a Great Dane that was also standing over me while the paramedics rushed in. The Great Dane was protecting me, essentially. Knew something was wrong.
“So we had our dog, Duke, he was standing over top of me and Jaycee, again, she controlled him, got him to the bedroom and locked the door. I can’t even give her enough praise for what she did.”
According to Jenine, Jaycee wants to be a doctor, so when it comes to anything medical, “she’s right in there.”
“I’m really very proud of her. Very proud.”
Berezowski, a teacher at Mackenzie Middle School, encourages parents to teach their children how to call 911 from a locked phone.
“When I first came back Monday morning at the school, I told my class about it all. And then I taught everybody here. Because I never thought when I taught her how to call 911 that we would ever have to use it. But being a single mom at the time, I didn’t want something to happen to me and then have her not know what to do or panic,” she said.
“I want to reach out to other families and tell them, teach your children to call 911, because something can happen. It was a crazy experience.”

Doug Zywina