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Buchanan set to join ACC Cougars


A desire to play hockey while attending college led McCreary’s Remy Buchanan to commit to the Assiniboine Community College (ACC) Cougars women’s hockey team.
Buchanan originally wanted to go into veterinarian technician training right after high school.
“And I also really wanted to play hockey. But I quickly found out that the only way I could go to a college that has that course and hockey would be out of province,” she said.
Instead, Buchanan began looking at options in Manitoba. As luck would have it, a couple of friends will also be playing for the Cougars.
“So I started looking into it and I saw another course there, Office Management, and thought that it’s not exactly veterinarian technician, but it will help. It can be another step added onto it,” she said.
“For local veterinary clinics that need people working with the public at the front, I thought Office Management would look good on my resumé and, as a bonus, I would get to play hockey.”
Brandon, where ACC is located, is perfect, she said, because of its proximity to her hometown.
“So it’s just a perfect fit,” she said, adding she is excited to hit the ice with the Cougars.
“But then again, I am a bit nervous, playing with such a more competitive team and meeting all these new people. But I am very excited for the opportunities I’m going to get from this,” she said.
ACC won the 2019 American Collegiate Hockey Association national championship in Division 2. That added to the lure of playing with the Cougars.
“Knowing that they’re a strong team and being able to play with them is a huge honour, as well. That will add to the nervousness, knowing that I need to be on my best game to help them keep winning and not be a setback for them.”
Buchanan played for Neepawa’s female U18 team, played soccer in the 2016 summer games and was twice named MVP at the 2019 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Nationals.
Being a multisport athlete has helped Buchanan develop her skills as a hockey player.
“Being a multisport athlete, that gets you moving and playing all year long instead of just playing in the winter for hockey and then just training. But actually having sports all year long can help give you new abilities that help you in hockey. And it just keeps you in shape, keeps you in competitiveness all year long,” she said.
Buchanan hopes to continue to develop her game with the Cougars.
“Whenever I play hockey, my main goal is to move forward as a hockey player and to be better and work harder. Given this opportunity to play on such a good team, I think that’s really going to push me to make sure I am being a better player that can play right up along side all of them,” she said.

Doug Zywina