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Alf Returns As WHSHL Co-president


Jason Alf will return as co-president of the Westman High School Hockey League next season.
Alf and Glenboro’s Corey Forbes have been serving as co-presidents for the last several years, a partnership that has worked well since they began sharing the role.

Alf said they gave others a chance to step up, but no one came forward.
“On the positive side, everyone said good things. They were happy with how things have been running over the past, however many years. And so it’s a little bit of a pat on the back to be brought back in,” he added.

Having two people serve in the role has made the job easier. Alf explained how he tried to trick Forbes into stepping into the president’s position.

“I knew his passion and his abilities. So I kind of jokingly threw out that I’d be vice-president and he’d be president, knowing that we haven’t had a vice-president for many years. I thought that maybe they would overturn that and it would be my way of tricking him into being president,” he said.
“But they said, ‘well, why not the two of you work together.’ It was just a very easy decision and it’s been a very easy decision to keep working with Corey.”

Jerry Crampain remains as secretary-treasurer and will continue to run the league website.
Under normal circumstances, the league would have already held its spring meeting. Instead, the plan is to meet once in September, followed by a scheduling meeting in October. “Based on how the summer and fall go,” Alf said.

At this point, Alf expects all 19 teams to be back next season.
“As long as things are back to ‘normal.’ The only thing other than COVID that’s going to keep some of these teams out will be numbers. And we’re not sure what the numbers were,” he said, adding Virden was the only team last year to take a leave-of-absence because of a lack of players.

“And their plan at that time was to return again this year. But numbers will also play a big part on it. And we hope to have a little more clarity in September. But it would sure be nice to, at minimum, get back to at least a full season in the league,” Alf said, adding tournaments would be great, too.
“But one thing at a time.”

Alf said there is the possibility of the league adding teams, as well. Gladstone has expressed interest in joining the league in the past.

Alf hopes to eventually get all school sports up and running again. “It’s been a tough little while here and we’d like to get everything back to normal as soon as possible,” he said.

Doug Zywina