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Local Knights of Columbus Council Helps Church With Repairs


The Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection will soon have a new boiler system thanks to a donation from the Dauphin Knights of Columbus.

The local Knights of Columbus Council donated $50,000 to the church to help with that work, as well as some other needed repairs, said Grand Knight Ken Yakielashek.

“There was a verbal mention of money needed for the church in November,” Yakielashek said, adding the Knights moved to help after a written request was received. “So their issue was that their boiler system needs rebuilding, apparently. And then they got a surprise with the electrical. There was some issue with fire codes, so they had to bring up their electrical to the new fire codes.”

Yakielashek said the council was happy to help as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the church hard. “They said they needed a fair chunk of money that they weren’t prepared for because with the shutdown of the churches, their revenues were nowhere near what they needed,” he said. “This affected them fairly significantly because they were only bringing in 10 parishioners at a time. So we felt we could help them out and pull them through this necessary period of hardship for them.”

Although the pandemic has prevented the Knights from being active in the community, the fraternal organization has some money in the bank, savings and proceeds from the sale of the Knights on 11th Avenue Hall.

“We got a fair price for the hall. And then we did well with the hall when we had it with weddings. And the catering service was certainly a good money maker for us,” Yakielashek said, adding the Knights are remaining as active as possible considering COVID-19 has hampered their ability to fund-raise. “We are happy to help out in the community and we are open to new membership. “Once this is over we hope to get reorganized you know to put our skills to work for the community again.”

Part of that work will be to build a lasting legacy, Yakielashek said. “What we’d like to do, you know our thoughts and our plans, is to put a big chunk of money into the community someday in the future where it will be a legacy for us to leave in the community,” he said. “We’re still exploring all the avenues.”