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Meadowlark Redevelopment Set To Begin


The tennis courts at Meadowlark Park will soon be getting a facelift.

Dauphin Recreation Services recently received funding to renovate the facility, altering its use.

DRS general manager Ryan Vanderheyden added they have done some fund-raising initiatives to get the rest of the funding needed to ensure they have the best facility possible.

“Now we have enough funding for the base project, which would allow us to have four different courts,” he said.

One court will be a basketball court, Two will be for multi-sport use such as pickleball or tennis and the other will be a dedicated tennis court.

“And we also expect to have a dedicated pickleball court out there. And hopefully, we’ll have some benches and a seating area, if funding allows that,” he said. “But right now we’re finishing that fund-raising initiative and, hopefully, we don’t have to cut anything out on that project.”

There is not date set for when renovations to the courts will begin, but Vanderheyden expects it to be soon.

“We have the okay from all the contractors as of now. And they’re just lining up their dates to get here so we don’t lose the courts for a long period of time. Hopefully, it will only be five-to-six weeks that would be without the courts and then we’ll have a grand opening of some sort,” he said. “Obviously, a socially distanced grand opening, but we will be thanking all the sponsors as the weeks go on.”

Part of the funding-raising endeavours included naming rights to each of the five courts, which are already in place.

“And we will be doing a personal and business donations fund-raising drive in the coming weeks so anybody that feels like they believe in the project and they want to donate any amount that they see fit,” Vanderheyden said. “We can offer a donation receipt for that.”

Anyone who donates will get their name or their company’s name added to a donation board, which will be on display at the new courts. Gold sponsors are donations of more than $1,000, silver are between $500 to $999 and bronze are donations from $50 to $499.

Anyone who wants to make a donation can contact DRS at 204-622-3105 or email Vanderheyden at gm@dauphinrec.com.

Doug Zywina