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Rangers FC Starting A Recreation Soccer League


Soccer enthusiasts who want to get out and kick the ball around now have an opportunity to do so.

The Dauphin recreation soccer league is for men and women of all skill levels ages 16-and-up.

The league, which began, July 5, will run every Monday at the Vermillion Park Sportsplex, beginning at 7:15 p.m. The drop-in rate is $10 or $30 for the season.

Organizer Jason Dando is the player-coach of the Dauphin Rangers FC men’s soccer team. At this point, he said, he does not know if the Rangers will be able to play any games this year. So he decided to put together the recreation league for anyone to participate.

“Obviously, there’s limitations of 25 people. But if we can get 10 a side with a goalie, it’s a full game, a full field and we can at least play,” he said. “We’ve been kicking a ball around here and there with 10 guys and it’s fun, but it’s only fun for so long. We want to play a full field of any kind. And it’s just to play. We don’t care how good anybody is. A total beginner and they just want to do something for the summer, or you could be somebody that came to town and played soccer your whole life. It doesn’t matter.”

While the league began last night, Dando said they will keep going as long as people want to play.

“As long as we get enough people, we’re looking at the whole summer, for sure. And if people stick around and we can still get enough people come fall time, I’ll keep booking the soccer fields,” he said, adding he just wants enough people to help cover the cost of renting the pitch.

“It’s totally open to anyone. Anybody that’s 16 and up,” Dando said, adding they are willing to teach anyone who is new to the game.

Doug Zywina