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Positions Filled At City Hall


The City of Dauphin has new deputy city manager with Lisa Gaudet moving onto the position left vacant with the departure of Renee St-Goddard.

Gaudet, who leaves her position as executive assistant, has worked at city hall for the past six years.

“We chose Lisa because she was the most qualified,” said city manager Sharla Griffiths, adding there were 19 applicants in the open competition for the position. “She does bring six years experience with the City of Dauphin and she has been progressively taking on more responsibility in a lot of the duties of the deputy city manager, specifically in the last 10 or so months in the absence of our previous one. So she is very, very well-versed in much of the work that needs to be done.”

Griffiths added Gaudet has a wealth of “excellent previous experience” and her education made her resume hard to beat, “That all contributes to a really strong candidate.” Grffiths said.

Gaudet’s move up the ranks left city administration without an executive assistant and provided an opportunity for administrative assistant Gertrud Carriere

“We knew that we had really great candidates in our office who were qualified for it,” Griffiths said. “And Gertrud stepped up and wanted to take on that role.”

The hiring is not done yet, Griffiths added as there is still Carriere’s old position to fill.

“We’re right now experiencing a domino effect. With Trudy moving up into the executive assistant position, her position, the administrative assistant, is open,” Griffiths said. “That is unionized so there is a set process to go through with that. We’ve posted for that position now. It has to be open for 10 days and then we’ll make decisions on that.”

The flurry of hiring came about as St-Goddard chose not to return to the city from maternity leave.

“She wanted to take her career in another path. She was scheduled to come back about the middle of September, but we really appreciate that she let us know earlier so that we could get people in place sooner,” Griffiths said.

“We really enjoyed having her work with us and I really appreciated all that she contributed to the city.”