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Smile Cookies Supporting Worthwhile Causes


The Smile Cookie fund-raising campaign is underway in Dauphin.

The campaign began Monday, and continues until Sept. 19. Smile cookies will be sold for $1 each with proceeds this year, going to the Parkland Humane Society and the Dauphin Friendship Centre Food for Thought program.

What started as a fund-raiser for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ont., in 1996, has spread across Canada, with more than 625 local charities and organizations in communities across Canada benefitting from Smile Cookie sales.

Last year was the campaign’s best year in Dauphin with $12,174 presented to Henderson Elementary School (HES) to replace its swings.

As a teacher at HES, campaign organizer Stacey Penner has first-hand knowledge of how important the Food for Thought program is.

“I see the need for the Food for Thought program and I see that they’ve been cutting the funding for it year-to-year. And every year they’re cutting the program’s length of time (it operates),” she said. “I just think it’s too important of a program. So I though if we have the ability to help this program that has been in Dauphin close to 35 years, the Food for Thought program has been operating out of the Dauphin Friendship Centre, then we need to do what we can do to continue to sustain this awesome service that I see in all of the Dauphin schools.”

The Parkland Humane Society was selected because Penner felt if they are feeding children, they should also feed “puppies and kitties, as well.”

“It’s just a long standing charitable organization in Dauphin that has done really great things. And COVID has really put a damper on the fund-raising that has been able to be done for both of those two programs,” Penner said. “This is just a wonderful opportunity that, even with COVID last year, we were still incredibly successful with this fund-raiser. But I thought those are two wonderful charities that need the support now more than ever.”

Suzzy Ahuday, Tim Horton’s manager, said the cookies are $1 each and every cent will go to the charities.

Penner’s goal is to sell 20,000 cookies this year, but she realizes it will take a communitywide effort to accomplish that goal. 

“And it’s going to take some people recognizing that these are two really important charities and we’re going to need people to stock their freezers full,” she said. 

Ahuday said baking the cookies began Sunday, adding the cookies are good for 24 hours.

“And then we do the prep and everything the whole week. It’s continuous, because we’re targetting 20,000 cookies,” she said. 

For those who are not cookie-people, there are still ways to show your support, Penner said.

“You can come in and make a donation straight to the charity,” she said, adding a garage sale will take place, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“So people can donate items for the garage sale and all funds raised from the garage sale will go straight to purchasing cookies and donations will be made back into the community through cookies, surprising people and organizations and groups with cookies through that money,” she said.

Volunteers will be on hand throughout the week to take donations and encourage customers to purchase cookies. New to this year’s campaign is a business challenge, where local businesses are challenged to match daily cookie sales.

“So if there is a business in Dauphin that wants to pick a day and be our featured business for that day, they’ll get a little bit of advertising through (The Dauphin Herald), through CKDM. They can hang up a business poster here or in the drive-thru as our featured business if they are willing to match cookie sales for one day of the event,” Penner said, adding any business interested in accepting the challenge can contact the restaurant.

Penner added if anyone is in need of a delivery, they can make that arrangement.

Ahuday said they are continuously accepting items for the garage sale. If you have something you would like to donate, drop it off at the local store. Penner said they will accept items until the morning of the garage sale.

Doug Zywina