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Calcium Tank Conundrum Solved


The City of Dauphin has found a solution to a nagging problem.

When the city purchased the track of land between the city shops and Fort Dauphin Museum from CN the deal required that two large calcium storage tanks be removed from the property within one year of the land transfer.

Over the last year, a search for a salvage company proved fruitless given the scale of the job, however, a company specializing in the application of magnesium chloride on roads for dust control recently approached the city with a proposal.

Fort Distributors Ltd., offered to purchase the tanks for $1,000 each and dismantle and remove all tanks from city property.

As part of the agreement, the City will allow the St. Andrews based company to move one tank to the old landfill site north of the city, where they currently have a small storage tank.

“It will be somewhat of a regional distribution site for them,” director of Public Works and Operations Mike Van Akstyne said, adding the second tank will be moved to Fort Distributors main location in St. Andrews.

“They tend to do most, if not all dust control works for municipalities and the highways throughout the province. So they they intend on setting it up there to be a bit of a regional hub for themselves rather than trucking it all the way from St. Andrews regularly.”

Fort Distributors will be responsible for all permits, costs and logistics of moving the tanks and will provide the city with up to 10,000 litres of magnesium chloride on an annual basis.

“As a rent type thing,” Van Alstyne said. “It’s all our boundary road that we do the dust control on.”

At its regular meeting, Oct. 4, city council approved the drafting of a formal land use agreement with the costs to be shared  50/50 with Fort Distributors and will include a requirement for the company to hold proper insurance and list the city as an insured party in the unlikely event of an incident at the site. The initial agreement will be for five years and the arrangment will be revisited year-to-year after that.

“I believe they’re planning to start this fall,” Van Alstyne said, adding the deal is conditional on the moving company’s final inspection, routing and permit approvals.