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RM Council Kept Busy


The Rural Municipality of Dauphin held its regular meeting, Nov. 16.

Foreman’s report

With the snow’s arrival, plows were out on RM roads. Plowing will continue until the whole RM is done.

The roadside drainage ditch mowing is completed. RC2 Jensen road is open and barricades are up closing the old road.

The Sifton Dump Cell closures are going well and were approximately 75 per cent complete.

The Sifton Fire Hall floor has been pained and the equipment in back in place with only the meeting room empty until the flooring is completed.

The Keld Park washroom has been repaired.

RM crews will be cleaning and hauling some old brush piles in the near future.

Excavator brushing will commence shortly.


Councillor Jack Bremner attended a conservation meeting, noting several dams were being built in a neighbouring municipality.

Councillor Midge Sametz attended a Dauphin Public Library meeting. She reported they are working through a strategic planning process.

After attending an agricultural society meeting, Councillor Dennis Forbes reported they are moving forward with plans for a fair next summer.

Councillor Don Seeley went on a few inspections for the watershed district, while councillor David Johnston attended a watershed meeting and had a site tour.


Council gave first and second reading to By-law 3033, providing for the borrowing of monies upon the credit of the RM of Dauphin.

Council also gave first and second reading to By-law 3035 authorizing the establishment of reserve funds.

Council agreed to reinstate the transportation and drainage committees in accordance with the organization by-law.

First reading was given to By-law 3036 to govern the organization.

First reading was also given to By-law 3037 to regulate the proceedings and conduct of the council and committees.


Having received from the community planning file no. 4-118-21-7648 from Momotiuk Enterprises Ltd., council approved the subdivision for roll number 148200, SE20-25-20wpm, under certain conditions.

And, having received from the community planning file no. 4-118-21-7652 from Lorie Perih for roll no.

167800, NE 30-26-18wpm, council approved the subdivision under certain conditions.

Meeting dates

Council set the dates for its regular meetings in 2022. Meetings will be held, Jan. 11 and 25, Feb. 8 and 23, Mar. 8 and 22, Apr. 12, May 3, 17 and 31, June 14 and 28, July 12 and 26, Aug. 9 and 23, Sept. 7 and 20, Oct. 4 and 25, Nov. 15 and Dec. 6 and 20.

Accounts and finances

Council approved 25 cheques and online payments with a total disbursement of $2,430,607.48.

Council also accepted the financial statement as circulated, Oct. 31.

Council accepted the Council Inspection reports as presented with the applicable fees were ratified.


Sametz was appointed deputy reeve for the term, Nov. 2021 to Oct. 26, 2022.

Council also accepted the standing committees, board and organization committee appointments as presented.

Corporate credit card

Council approved Policy No. 3.3, establishing a policy for corporate credit cards and that the policy be included in the RM’s Policy Manual.

Contracts renewed

Council renewed the Waste Disposal Grounds contract with Bob Smith for a two-year period, with a 1.7 per cent increase.

The snow clearing contract for the Sifton Fire Hall and recycling bins with Karen Atamanchuk was also renewed for the upcoming season at a monthly cost of $225.

Doug Zywina