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Amendt Makes It To The Selects Development Program


Dauphin’s Kelton Amendt is looking to take his football career to the college level and he hopes to use the Manitoba Selects football program to continue to develop his skills.

Amendt was a defensive linebacker for the Dauphin Clippers high school team and his coaches encouraged him to try out for the Selects. He made the Selects as a middle linebacker.

The tryout camp was in November in Winnipeg. Amendt feels the coaching he received with the Clippers helped him to make the Selects’ squad.

“They drove me to love the sport and helped me make the team,” he said, adding he hopes to play football at the university level and feels the Selects program will help to attain that goal.

“It will help me develop my training into, hopefully, making a higher level of football in the future,” he said.

The Selects’ training program began in November and will continue until the end of February, with practices in Winnipeg every Saturday.

The program is facilitated by CFL professional athletes and trainers, with the focus being on athlete performance, competition, scouting and recruiting. The Selects will play in a tournament at the end of January in Moose Jaw, Sask., as well as a tournament in Corpus Christi, Tex., in February.

Amendt is looking forward to playing in both tournaments.

“But I’m hoping COVID doesn’t wreck it, though,” he added.

Amendt hopes to continue to develop not just his skills, but his love of the sport, as well.

One adjustment Amendt has had to make is the number of players on the field. The Clippers play nine-man football, but the Selects is an 11-man program.

“So we’re training for NFL stuff. It’s pretty different because at home here, I played nine-man. So it’s a lot of different rules and a lot of different moving. A lot of new stuff I’ve got to learn, but I’m catching on,” he said.

Amendt also attended a three-day camp hosted by Football Manitoba in November with several of his Clippers teammates.

Although the tryouts for the Selects took place in mid-November, Amendt tried out a little later because the Clippers season was delayed at the start. It was only because of the Clippers coaches that he was accepted as a late try out.

Doug Zywina